As you near the end of any mix you need to ask yourself one important question: “Is your mix radio ready?”

I don’t mean if your song is going on the radio, but rather can it sonically “hang” with the pro mixes that it will inevitably be up against in an iTunes playlist.

Today let me show you two simple mastering moves you can use to put that finishing touch on your mix to make sure it sounds good both in and outside of your studio!

Mixing vs Mastering – What’s The Difference?

If you work on your own music, you might be wondering what really is the difference between the mix process and the mastering process.

Isn’t the mix buss processing we did last week the same as mastering? Why do I still need to “master” my material if the mix sounds good?

Great questions. This video will explain a lot in case you’re confused.

Is Your Mix Radio Ready?

At this point in the process your mix should just about done.

So let me ask you: how do you like to complete your mix/master? How do YOU know when your track is ready to be released to the world? Let me know below in the comments!