A common problem I hear is that many of you out there still aren’t getting your mixes to sound the way you want out in the real world. My first suggestion to many people is to “learn” your studio. Figure out what  your room is telling you so you can be prepared to make the necessary tweaks. No room is perfect and all rooms give you a “version of the truth”. BUT, there are three simple things you can do to optimize your studio space and help in the process.


TRR69 3 Keys to Optimize Your Studio

Via walknboston Flickr

Location, Location, Location

The common theme to the 3 keys to optimize your studio is location. Where your desk is located, your speakers are located, and your acoustic treatment (whether purchased or homemade) is the key. It’s all about location. Here are the three tips:

  1. Place your desk or mixing station in the center of your chosen wall space. Basically don’t be in a corner. You want to ideally be evenly spaced from the walls to your left and right. This will give you the most balanced sound.
  2. Place your speakers in a equilateral triangle with your head, pointed toward you, at ear level. The key here is to make sure your speakers cones are the same distance from each other (across your desk) as they are from your ears. Also you want them positioned at ear level for obvious reasons. Not too high, and not too low.
  3. Place acoustic treatment on the walls to the right and left at the point of first reflection. This one isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but to make it easier I think you should watch the video below.

Francis Buckley’s Studio Rescue

Grammy award winning producer Francis Buckley has done a cool series for Rode Microphones where he “rescues” people’s home studios. In each video he pretty much hits the above 3 points. I figured it was easier for you to learn it just by watching one his rescues so take a minute and learn from the master!

Remember, these tips are all free (assuming you have some acoustic treatment or at least can hang a blanket or two). You can make huge improvements simply by changing the location of your mixing setup!