So last week, Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor and I released our collaborative EP, “The Good Life” .

We’re blown away by the support and feedback we’ve received on our music, and to celebrate its release…

This week’s video is about 3 crucial lessons I learned while making it.

(And lesson number 3 might surprise you!)

Check it out below:

Hope your week is going well!

Graham Cochrane

P.S. The response to the EP Blueprint has been amazing!

We’ve had hundreds of musicians join the course, and I’ve never seen so many students engaged and taking action together.

And this week, both ill Factor’s and my own inbox have been full of emails from people saying that they wanted to join but missed out on the time window the course was open.

But I’ve got some good news… ill Factor and I have decided to reopen the course.

Until this Saturday Midnight Pacific Time, the EP Blueprint is reopened for new students to join.

Click here to get the full details on the EP Blueprint (doors close Saturday).