Welcome to the first of what’s soon to be 31 videos in my “5 Minutes To A Better Mix” tutorial series. We’ll be looking at 31 mixing tips in the next 31 days, so hold on tight people!

The Crucial First Step

In today’s video we cover a crucial and often overlooked step in the mixing process: gain staging. It’s not flashy and it’s not glamourous, but I promise you this one step is critical to getting clear and focused mixes. Spend 5 minutes, watch the video and apply it to your mixes. I’m sure it will help!

Share The Love

We’ve got plenty more mixing tips where that just came from so get ready for tomorrow’s post. And please, if you are enjoying this video series, share the love with another musician or engineer. Pass on the video or link to someone who might appreciate it so their mixes can benefit as well!