I’ve never done anything consistent for 6 years straight – other than be married to my wife, be a daddy to my daughters, and create content for The Recording Revolution.

This past week 6 years ago I wrote my first ever post on TRR and I’ve dropped (hopefully) helpful and encouraging articles and videos every week since.

And to celebrate these past six years I want to give one of you $600 towards a home studio upgrade!

Win $600

Can I Give You $600 Towards Your Studio?

One of my favorite things to do is give.

Whether it’s giving money to my church, to struggling friends and family, or to total strangers at a busy intersection asking for change – giving is truly a joy.

Also, The Recording Revolution is founded on giving. I give away 95% of my material – absolutely free! Always have, always will.

So it’s with great joy that I’d like to hook one of you up with $600 worth of home studio upgrades!

Entering to win is simple – use the widget below, accomplish one or more of the “tasks” and you’ll be entered to win. The more “tasks” you complete the greater your odds of winning become.

On Friday October 16th at noon EST (12:00PM) I will draw a winner at random. Easy peasy!
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6 Of My Most Popular Posts

Also – if you’re you’re new to the revolution then I want to welcome you.

I didn’t know 6 years ago that I would be creating free training content for over 200,000 people a month in over 40 countries.

In fact at the time I was literally only writing for my friends – some of the best musicians I knew who wanted a little guidance on how how to buy and setup a home studio.

I had no intention of this thing ever blowing up and becoming one of the most trusted resources for recording and mixing online.

I am truly humbled and grateful and if I have helped you make your music better in any way, it was an honor, truly.

With over 800 posts and videos, The Recording Revolution vault is deep but here are 6 of my most popular posts over the past 6 years for you to enjoy.

The Art Of Top Down Mixing

4 Core Concepts You Must Know In Order To Mix On Any DAW

Why You’re Better Than You Think You Are (Or The Psychology Of Confidence)

How To Use Multiband Compression To Get Instant Mix Energy

The One Mixing Hack That Not Only Gives You Better Mixes Every Time But Makes You A Better Mixer

Why I Mixed My Latest EP At Starbucks (And 4 Lessons I Learned Along The Way)

Thanks again for enjoying all the content on The Recording Revolution. Your support has been incredible. I’m excited to continue to bring you the best training I can, week in and week out!