Well people, it’s official: today I’m launching a brand new solo EP! As promised, what started as a challenge in January has turned into 5 brand new songs, a documentary and yes, even a music video. The EP is called The Tree and I’m super pumped to share it with you today.

Feel free to pick up a digital copy of it here (name your price) and if you really want to support me, pick up the Deluxe Edition which features the original demos for each song, the full HD download of the documentary and music video, and 5 bonus videos with explanations of the lyrics.

The Evolution Of A Song

Today I’m sharing Part 1 of the documentary “The Evolution Of A Song” with Part 2 to follow later this week. Hopefully it’ll give you a good idea of how I go about creating music in my home studio, and maybe even inspire you to go make some music yourself! Thanks for watching!

The Music Video

And just because I’ve never done one, I decided to put together a little music video for one of the songs. An EP, a documentary, a music video…why not, right?! Huge thanks to my super talented friends Logan Leopold (drums) and Brian Keogh (guitar) for their help on this song. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share!