When shopping for a pair of studio monitors, you look for speakers that are detailed, clear, and flat. The new incarnation of Truth monitors from Behringer are just that. Whether you’ve used Behringer speakers in the past and are curious as to how the new versions stack up, or are simply in the market for a pair of good monitors, do yourself a favor and watch my review below.

Better Sound, Sleeker Look

Behringer is really stepping up their game with these speakers and I have already gotten great results mixing a recent album on them. Are they right for you? Here is my quick glimpse of pros and cons and then watch the video for the full report.


  • Balanced and flat sound. No over hyped high end or low end.
  • Flexible connectivity. Balanced XLR, TRS as well as unbalanced TS and RCA connections.
  • Customizable sound based on placement of speakers in your room.
  • Sleek new look. Love the yellow cones!
  • Priced right. Hard to beat $300 a pair for this size speaker.


  • Bigger/heavier than other speakers in this category.
  • Yellow might just not go well with your decor!