I’m a huge fan of doing a lot with a little, and GarageBand (the free recording app from Apple) is the epitome of that sentiment. Anyone who owns a mac has this little “Logic Lite” program built in and I’m sure you’ve played with it. Today I wanted to take a brief look at the brand new version bundled with iLife ’11 to show you two areas that GarageBand has matured and is almost a game changer for the home studio person.

There quite a few enhancements this go around, but let me highlight the big ones in my mind:

  • Flex Time – Pulled from its big brother, Logic, Flex Time is now available in a free recording app. This allows you to time stretch and compress audio instantly and musically in order to fix a performance.
  • Groove Matching – Using the Flex Time technology, Groove Matching allows you to tighten up a whole multitrack session to match the feel and groove of one “guide” track, all in one click.
  • Amps and Effects – GarageBand has always had some amp modeling, but now it has pulled a ton of amps and stomp box effects from Logic and the options for instant guitar tone are limitless.

So check out the video and let me know what you think. For more info and videos by Apple, check out the GarageBand home page.