Happy birthday to The Recording Revolution! Today marks one full year of posts, videos, comments, and tutorials all aimed at one thing: helping home studio owners and musicians make better music now! It has truly been an honor and privilege to run this website and to interact with so many of you all across the world. The feedback has been incredibly encouraging as I get to hear how this blog has directly impacted you to help you make better recordings and to save money in the process.

TRR46 Happy Birthday to the Revolution

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A Taste Of Year One

So to celebrate the special occasion I want to highlight one post from each month of the past year that seemed to be helpful to readers. Please feel free to read over them if you’re newer and leave a comment if you have any thoughts. If it weren’t for the thousands of you who visit this site each month there would be no point to the The Recording Revolution. So happy birthday to the blog, and let’s get excited for year #2!

October 2009
The Best $100 You Will Spend

November 2009
Record An Album On Your Phone?

December 2009
Bad Recording Environment? No Problem

January 2010
The One Song One Month Challenge

February 2010
Brand Snobbery

March 2010
The Complete $300 Starter Studio

April 2010
What Do You Really Need In Your Studio?

May 2010
Deadlines: The Key To Productivity

June 2010
Your Recordings “Unplugged”

July 2010
The Fastest Way To Clean Up Your Mix

August 2010
When To Say “No” In The Studio

September 2010
Become A Better Engineer By Finishing Projects

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