Want better vocal recordings? Then find the best mic…for your voice.

That’s right – not the best mic in the world, but the best microphone for YOUR voice. (Or your client’s voice)

Today I’m going to do a little mic shootout so you can hear the differences between different mics and to help you build a framework for finding the perfect mic for you!

From $100 Up To $700

The microphones I’m using today range from less than $100 on up to around $700. Not the full range of all microphones to be sure, but a pretty solid range for the typical home or project studio.

Specifically I’ll be using a:

  • Behringer B1
  • Rode NT1a
  • Neumann TLM 102
  • And a Shure SM57

I’ll let you you hear each one a few different times, both in solo and in context with the mix so you can hear the truth: that all microphones are different, but all microphones bring something to the table.

Let’s do this!