If you’re an artist or independent musician hoping to grow a massive fan base and maybe even one day make a full time living doing what you love then today’s video is for you.

I recently sat down with one of my good friends, YouTube sensation Peter Hollens to talk about how he’s able to make a full time living recording and releasing music on YouTube, including what tools and techniques he’s using to actually grow his audience of over 1 million supporters and put money in his pocket.

There is so much gold in this brief interview you’re going to want to take notes.

Content Is King But Distribution Is Queen

One of the big things Peter shared was how having great content (i.e. amazing songs and recordings) is only half the battle. You need to find a way to distribute your art to the world.

In the interview Peter pulls back the curtain on his “secret sauce” on how to grow your fan base and make a living doing music. He covers:

  • If you’re focused on being in the studio and then doing bar gigs then you’re stuck in the 90s6:30
  • One mistake many artists make that creates an immediate separation between them and their fans (which is not a good thing) – 9:04
  • Why creating a visual element is the best way to get your music heard these days (and no it doesn’t have to be high production quality)7:10
  • You don’t need a million followers to make a living doing music (in fact the number might surprise you) – 12:40
  • Peter hasn’t updated his DAW or computer since 2007 and still churns out top notch productions!16:43
  • How to gain the most traction on YouTube (posting frequency, tagging videos, and titles) – 24:40

Truly Living The Revolution

Peter is an amazing example of the “revolution” we are living through in home recording.

Here’s a guy who doesn’t live in LA, New York, or Nashville; who can record, mix, and release his music from his garage; and over time with strategic moves and excellent craftsmanship, has created an income stream that pays his bills and allows him to continue making music.

This kind of story was not possible just a short decade ago – but it is now.

You and I no longer have an excuse not to try.

The music creating tools are affordable. The music distributions tools are virtually free. The infrastructure to receive payment for our art is in place.

And the ability for word of mouth to spread has never been faster or more powerful.

What more could we ask for as independent artists?

One Thing That Surprised You

I hope this has encouraged you in your journey. Peter’s story always encourages me. Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel and then definitely check out the latest Taylor Swift Medley we previewed in this interview!

Let me ask you: what is one thing that Peter shared today that surprised you? Share your thoughts below!