Want to know what is the #1 frustration I hear about making music in the home studio?

No silly goose – It’s not that you wish someone would design yet another plugin emulation of an 1176 compressor.

It’s the simple fact that most of you just don’t have the time to get in there and create new music. At least that’s what you tell yourself.

The truth is, all of us have plenty of time to do what’s important to us…if we make it a priority.

“But music IS a priority to me Graham!” you might say. And in one sense you would be right. In your MIND it is a priority. But is it one in your calendar?

Ah, there’s the rub.

The mind blowing power of a simple deadline always intrigues me.

And today I want to share with you a foolproof plan you can follow to now only create more music this year, but specifically crank out 12 new songs (or more!)

But first a little story about a misunderstanding that led to a new album.


It Started With A Simple Challenge

When I first started The Recording Revolution way back in 2009, one of the first video series I did was geared at helping people write, record, mix, and release one song in 30 days. I called it the One Song One Month Challenge.

In 2016 I decided to bring it back to the people and do another version. The concept was the same – instead of committing to writing a new EP or album’s worth of music, just commit to one song. That’s it.

The only rule was that you had to physically (and by that I mean digitally – lol) release it to the world in 30 days (or by the end of the month).

The challenge was a huge success as it propelled thousands of my students to write and share a new song in just a few weeks.

One of my students, Michael, took me up on the challenge as well. The only thing was, he misunderstood the whole “one song” thing. I’ll let him explain:

I watched your video on the one song in one month challenge. I’d had my own home studio for a couple years, but it had recently been neglected because of life. My wife and I agreed it was a perfect challenge for me and to go for it. I didn’t realize until a month later that I had misunderstood – I thought it was a challenge for ALL 2016, 12 songs in 12 months. Having already told people about it, I was locked in. – Michael Kuhen – TRR Student

Now I was fully aware that some people might decide after doing one song in a month that they wanted to continue. In fact, that was my goal, to use simple psychology to help my students unleash their potential.

You see, it’s MUCH easier mentally to commit to one song in one month, than an entire album in a year.

And once you knock out that song in 30 days you realize that it wasn’t too difficult. You might even consider doing a second or third song. Pretty soon those songs add up!

But what happened with Michael was even better – by misunderstanding the original intent of the challenge he did the most powerful thing he could – he announced publicly that he was going to release 12 songs in the next 12 months!

Like he said, he was “locked in”. This is the power of the deadline.

Outdated Equipment But No Excuses

And it gets better. Check out what kind of gear Michael was rocking.

Armed with a 2004 iMac, Pro Tools 7, and three $100 mics, I went for it. And every month, albeit sometimes on the final day, I managed to release a newly written, recorded and mixed song. – Michael Kuhen – TRR Student

The dude is using a 12 year old computer, a DAW that is 5 versions out of date, and some budget microphones, but that didn’t stop him from reaching his goal.

With that simple deadline each month looming over him he managed to ignore the excuses that many people would make:

But I need to update my computer and DAW first. But what if some months are busier than others?

Instead, even if it was all on the last day of the month he pulled it off. That is super impressive.

10x Your Knowledge And The Ripple Effect

But what I love even more is the creative jolt this challenge (and pressure) gave him.

Check out what resulted from taking on this challenge, beyond the actual songs he wrote and released:

My creativity went from spark to flame. My knowledge grew tenfold. I brought in my community with other musicians and photographers. Two songs have been welcomed into the worship music repertoire of my church. I submitted two songs to a competition and received great feedback. It was a catalyst for so much more than just getting better at audio engineering. The ripples of this project are still extending outward, creating more positive momentum.

Each month I pushed myself to try something new, whether recording a new instrument, a new technique, a new genre, a new mixing approach; each track its own exploration. I shared them all through SoundCloud – Michael Kuhen – TRR Student

This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the truest path to getting better is to finish more projects.

The more you do (and finish) the faster you grow, the more you learn, and the more opportunities seem to come your way. This is the ripple effect of doing as large of a body of work as you can.

Your Map To Releasing 12 Songs This Year

Are you as friggin’ pumped as I am right now?!

Hearing stories like Michael’s only fuels my creativity and desire to write, record, and release new music. I love it.

And if you’re excited to make music, but like I mentioned a moment ago you believe you don’t have the time to do it – let me give you the simple map to follow for turbo charged musical productivity:

  1. Commit to writing, recording, and release only one song a month. No more, no less.
  2. Write down the release date for your next song in your calendar.
  3. Tell everyone on social media (and your closest family/friends) when your new song is coming out
  4. Let the magic happen…

There it is. The secret to pumping out as many as 12 songs in the next 12 months. Shockingly simple isn’t it?

You see, many people never do step 1. They think it’s impossible so they give up before they start.

Some will commit to it in their minds, but never do step 2: writing down the release date. Big mistake. It’s this simple deadline that begins the magic!

And most people will never publicly announce that a new song is coming out on a certain date because they are afraid of embarrassing themselves in the event they don’t actually pull it off.

But there’s the sad irony – it’s the fear of embarrassment that actually ENSURES that you get it done!

That’s how I went from no songs to a new EP in 90 days!

And you can do the same. In fact, why not start here!

If you’re serious about making music, even if you can’t seem to “find the time” to do it – leave a comment below and let this corner of the online world know that you are going to release a brand new song 30 days from now!

Then just let the magic happen 🙂