I recently caught up with famed mixer/engineer Fab Dupont at Sweetwater’s GearFest 2012 where we chatted up mixing, recording, and the industry. Fab is top notch mixer, working with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Marc Anthony. He’s also a fantastic teacher. He does recording and mixing workshops and has his own video tutorial website called PureMix. On top of that he has a great sense of humor and a really thick French accent, which prove to be a winning combination.

How To Approach Recording And Mixing

What I love about Fab is is approach to all things audio. He cares less about formulas or “rules” and instead rely’s on taste and intuition. In this interview he discusses:

  • How best to approach mic placement
  • Why so much mixing advice is irrelevant to most people
  • How reference tracks are the key to improvement
  • Our fear of commitment in the studio is holding us back

Fab owns Flux Studios in New York City and runs the popular website PureMix.net. Check out his stuff. I think you’ll really like it. He’s an excellent teacher and has a ton of great things to say.