It’s official. The Recording Revolution has a new logo! I want to give a major shout out to David Keltonic Design for helping me give the branding a makeover. I also want to take today as an opportunity to re-cast the vision of The Recording Revolution to all of you new (and old) readers.

Times Have Changed

I started The Recording Revolution because I saw a void in the “home studio” and “pro audio” world: no one was preaching the message of do a lot of great music with minimal gear. Instead I saw the opposite message plastered every where: “Get all the latest (and vintage) stuff, don’t skimp, and THEN you just might be able to make a great recording.” But that’s ridiculous!

Times have changed people. You no longer need a mixing console, DAT machines, outboard gear, and lots of space to have a professional studio. Thanks to computers and the ever improving DAW, people like you and me can record, edit, mix, master, and release quality music from a bedroom! Notice I said “can”. Just because you have Pro Tools doesn’t mean you’ll make a hit record. You still need talent and vision. But lack of a big budget is no longer the deciding factor, you are.

Give Up The Quest For Gear

If you truly want to make better music now, then you have to get this into your head: your quest for more gear has to end. Gear is not your answer. It’s not what separates you from the pros. Ironically, your non-stop pursuit of more gear (the latest and greatest tool) will actually hinder you from making great music. You would be far better off spending $300 on a basic setup and then making a hit record with only that.

Don’t even think about buying more stuff until you’ve made great music with that basic setup. It simply is a waste of your time and money. And more importantly it will handicap you from real growth in your craft. Every time you turn to another piece of gear to help realize your musical dreams you’re likely trading it for a chance to improve your skill. Don’t make that mistake.

You Can Make Better Music Now!

Did you know that you could start making better music right now? It’s true. That’s exactly what this website is all about. Information is powerful and if you use it, you can improve your recordings and mixes this week. I try and post articles, tips, videos, tutorials, and interviews that give you insight into the art of recording music. Take advantage of it all and I promise you your music will improve, now! And in time, your music will get even better.

If you’re new, start by reading my ebook The #1 Rule Of Home Recording. It’s totally free and will help you get the proper philosophy of creating music. Then go watch all 31 videos of my latest free series 5 Minutes To A Better Mix. Then click through the categories or search in the search bar for things you are interested in. With over 250 posts at The Recording Revolution, I’m sure you’ll find something that will help YOU make better music now!