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What If You Could Turn Your Music Skills Into A $500-$1000 Monthly Income From Your Home Studio?

Discover how to go from no clients, no portfolio, and no experience, to becoming a professional music freelancer with this step-by-step system...


Discover how to turn your musical skills into income

Discover the step by step system to go from no clients, no portfolio and no experience, to getting paid work and having a sustainable music freelance business

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From the home studio of Graham Cochrane
Tampa, Florida

Dear friend,

If you’ve got a home studio, if you’ve got a music production setup, or an instrument in your bedroom…

It's probably because music is your passion, and it’s something that drives you to keep improving at your music skillset, investing in audio gear, spending endless hours watching tutorials, all to make music like your favorite artists and bands.

Well, I’d like to tell you something:

That passion you have for music - the obsession you’ve got - can be used to turn your music skills into a profitable side, possibly full-time income!

Now, let me be clear: I’m not promising instant riches.

Making an income from your music skills as a freelance musician is something that takes time, effort, and consistent actions to achieve.

But if you’ve got a love for music, and want to create an income stream from it? 

With the right steps in place, that’s highly possible. 

The music industry has changed forever, and your good old home studio could be your new office

The fact is - we’re in some tough times. Most live music venues are closed, and artists and bands can’t perform like they used to. 

It’s going to be months before the music industry starts to have live performances again, and right now - we’re all forced to work from home.

But in this is an opportunity that didn’t exist before.

With how cheap and good audio gear is today, and how easily musicians can work together over the Internet…

A new market has been created for music freelancers that never existed beforehand. 

In the past, specializing in a specific genre as an engineer would be incredibly difficult if you weren’t in the right city or country for it.

Imagine being a great horn or string player, but the only local music scene is EDM or Hip Hop.

Or imagine being a mix engineer specifically for rock and heavy metal, but you’ve only got a country and acoustic music scene in your town.

Today - that limitation no longer exists.

And whatever your specific niche is in music… there are artists and bands looking for someone like you to help them finish and polish their tracks to a Radio Ready standard. 

And while some aspects of the music industry have slowed down or stopped completely, it’s still business as usual for most music freelancers out there.

I know plenty of mixing engineers who still getting sent mixes by their clients to finish, session musicians who are flooded with requests for live drums, guitars, you name it…

And I personally think there’s never been a better opportunity for musicians to monetize their skills with today’s music freelance market. 

If you've got a decent home studio set up, and an Internet connection... you're already in business! 

But the fact is: most music freelancers don’t achieve the success they want

The skills that make someone a successful freelancer are completely different from being a great mix engineer, producer, or session musician.

You’ve got to know how to network and connect with possible clients.

You’ve got to know how to manage client expectations, as well as deliver results on time, on a deadline, and handle any revisions or comments as they come.

You’ve got to know how to price your services, when to raise your prices, and how to work backwards to achieve your income goals from your music freelancing.

Honestly, most musicians would get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to learn and do before they’ve even got their first paid client!

It doesn’t change the facts though: creating a sustainable income stream from your music skills is more possible than ever.

As long as you have a working home studio and Internet connection - you can tap in today’s music freelance market, and start monetizing your music skills.

And I’d like to give you a step by step plan to turning your music skills into a sustainable income

But in case you don't know who I am...

My name is Graham Cochrane, and I’m the founder of the Recording Revolution.

I’m also a songwriter, independent artist, and audio engineer. With over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and thousands of students all over the world, I’m so grateful of the audience that tunes in weekly to watch my tutorials on recording and mixing music.

And you may not know this… I originally started the Recording Revolution to help grow my own freelance audio engineering services!

And as Recording Revolution grew in size, and my freelance business started flourishing, I started sharing what I’d learned with students, to help them become freelance audio engineers like me.

The results these students got blew me away. 

It’s stories like these that make me smile, and know that you too could achieve a sustainable income stream from your music skills:

"As I write this, I am preparing for my first paid recording client. Tomorrow I have a flight to Chicago for a three-day tracking session for a six-song EP. I'm getting paid $3,000, and they've paid their 50% deposit as per your advice! Cheers to you Graham, and thanks for all the continuous help. I own several of your courses, and you've really helped me go from novice recordist to tracking my band's last album (which earned the #2 spot on a pretty prestiguous podcast annual "Best Of" list, in our genre), and now I'm getting paid. This is a great feeling."

Adam C.

"Just thought that I would shoot you an email to let you know that I have landed my first paying clients post doing your course. I have been asked to mix and master 2 full length albums and a 5 track EP. Receiving around $2500 to do something that I would do for free is pretty awesome and I couldn't be happier right now.  So thank you Graham for all of your awesome content. It's amazing to think that around a year ago I struggled with an EQ and a compressor and my mixes were really boxy, un-dynamic and quiet.  Now people are handing me their hard earned dollar dollar bills to mix their music and I tell you its crazy and amazing. So again good sir...  THANK YOU."

Bobby M.

"Although I had many of the pieces you talk about in your videos in order already I can’t tell you how much value you added to my business. The information is well organized, well presented, and well thought out – in fact, I have two projects booked this month worth more than $2,000! Nearly 4x the payback, one heck of an ROI! So, in short, THANK YOU!"

Sean N.

Now, I’ll say it once again - I’m not promising you a get-rich-quick pill, or results in just a couple of days.

But what I’d like to offer you is a complete, comprehensive resource on turning your music skills into a sustainable freelance income…

One that covers everything from the mindsets of successful freelancers, to the modern tools available today to grow a music freelance business.

If you’re interested in this, I’d like to introduce to you…

"Musical Income"

The all-comprehensive course that’ll take you from no clients, no portfolio, and no experience, to creating a side, possibly full-time income from your music skills

While I’ve previously released courses on making an income from your recording and mixing skills, I wanted to create a resource that musicians of all kinds could use as a blueprint to turning their passion into a profitable income stream.

I’ve left no stone unturned, and I’d like to show you what’s inside the course:

Module 1: Foundations

Before you start taking the actions to build your freelance business, you’ve got to lay the right mental foundation first. 

If you’ve got the wrong mindsets in place, you just won’t achieve your freelance goals, no matter how hard you try. It’ll be just like trying to use a map with a broken compass - and you might end up going in circles!

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to uncover the “Why” behind your desire to become a music freelancer 
  • The true risks of not starting a music freelance business and having an additional income stream
  • 4 common barriers that stop most people from ever making a consistent income from their music skills 
  • 4 classic freelance profiles - understand which one you are, and you’ll be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in your freelance journey

Module 2: The Freelance Arc

This module’s about figuring out your strengths, your unique offering, and understanding your spot on what I call the Freelance Arc. You’ll be given a bird’s eye view of the freelance journey, and start figuring out the steps needed to monetize your music skills.

You’ll discover: 

  • How to decide what type of music service you should provide (if you’ve got multiple music skills, this will help you decide)
  • Why the secret to music freelance success is discovering, and defining your unique offering as a freelancer
  • How to figure out who’s the ideal client for your music skills (this solves countless beginner freelance problems in one fell swoop)
  • What the Freelance Arc is, and how to use it as the roadmap for a successful freelance business

Module 3: Building Your Website

With the foundational mindsets and concepts in place, it’s time to start taking the crucial actions needed to create a sustainable music freelancing business. You’ll be taught:

  • Why it’s much easier than you think to start building a credible, professional portfolio, and the simple steps to doing so
  • How to create a website that hooks people in from the get go, gives potential clients a great first impression, while not requiring you to pay a web developer hundreds of dollars
  • Think building a website takes days, weeks, even months? Watch me put together a basic but professional-quality site that any musician’s got the budget for
  • The #1 thing any working freelancer needs to ensure they’ve always got a way to find new projects to work on (and it isn’t social media)

Module 4: Step-by-Step Blueprints

This module is where the rubber meets the road, and you see how exactly to achieve your music freelancing goals. With clear step by step plans and checklists for the various types of music freelancers, this is a goldmine of insider info and secrets that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Whether you’d like to be a recording engineer, a mixing/mastering engineer, producer, session musician or even a live sound engineer - it’s all inside this module.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover: 

  • One simple mindset that separates amateur recording engineers from pros that get the job done, and a technique that prevents you getting the blame if the session doesn’t go as planned
  • My personal mixing routine that helps me deliver Radio-Ready Mixes for my clients without spending endless hours on a single track (swipe this, and your mixing speed will improve in no time)
  • Why mixing engineers should always deliver their first mix to their client as soon as possible
  • How pro-level producers communicate with their clients to ensure they give them the sound they want and manage their expectations 
  • Something producers forget when working with artists that sets both parties up for unneeded stress 
  • Classic session musician mistakes to avoid, and the one mindset that will have clients returning back for your services
  • My step by step template for nailing live sound gigs consistently, and the #1 question to ask yourself at all times when you’re at the soundboard 

Module 5: Soundbetter

Soundbetter is the go-to platform for music freelancers these days, and it’s a place where you can easily kickstart your music freelance career, build your portfolio, and start monetizing your music skills. But just like any platform, you’ve got to know how to use it. Otherwise, you’ll end up going in circles. 

You’ll discover: 

  • How to build an optimized profile on Soundbetter that’ll help you get discovered by clients looking specifically for your services
  • Tricks to climbing the search rankings in Soundbetter, and getting better exposure on the website to possible clients
  • A simple strategy that can help you get new clients, paid work, and reviews on your profile without much risk at all
  • How to drive more traffic and visitors to your Soundbetter profile while building your general online presence as an authority on your music niche
  • How to price and classify your services on Soundbetter to attract your ideal client

Module 6: Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designing your website and social media to be listed better on search engines like Google or Yahoo. People looking up music services on search engines are often ready to hire a freelancer to help with their projects, so it’s vital to make sure your website and services are listed as high as possible. 

This module covers:

  • The basics of SEO, and the key definitions and terms you need to know to get clued in
  • Easy SEO tools you can download that do the heavy lifting for you 
  • 3 types of content to create that help you get more views, leads, and possible clients
  • How to figure out what your ideal client audience wants, and use that to improve your SEO

Module 7: Social Media Strategies

With social media, it’s so easy to go wrong. But done correctly, it’s a tool that can easily grow a following of leads and possible clients to help your freelance business grow. 

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • Why communication on social media is completely different from writing emails, or talking in-person
  • How to create “calls to action” in your social media posts that encourage people to write in, and request your services
  • What type of content you should write depending on whether you’re looking for more clients, or reaching out for people who might be interested
  • A simple strategy to sell on social media, without seeming salesy

Module 8: Paid Advertising

At this point, you’ll already have plenty of steps you can take to get your freelance business started, and to begin your freelance journey. However, I wanted Musical Income to leave no stone unturned, and give you as many proven strategies as possible that you can use to keep growing your freelance income once you’ve started to get paid clients consistently.

In this module, you’ll be shown: 

  • Why spending money on paid advertising isn’t as risky as it seems, and how it can be a powerful way of ensuring future customers
  • 3 simple types of ads to use to gain people’s trust, without being sneaky 
  • Tested and proven examples of ads that you can swipe, steal and copy for your own services
  • How to navigate Facebook’s Business Manager, and not be confused by how technical it can appear
  • Tricks to tracking your advertising spend and results, to know whether you’re profiting from your advertising campaigns

Module 9: Royalties, Taxes, And Growing Your Business

To wrap up Musical Income, you’ll be given a complete guide to the various royalties your music work might earn, strategies to keep growing your freelance income, as well as the paperwork needed to legalize your freelance business. You’ll be shown:

  • How to handle the banking, payments and invoicing of your freelance business
  • When to start reinvesting into your business to grow it
  • Simple strategies to raising your rates without issues, or making more without raising your rates
  • How music royalties work, and how to make sure you’re being paid the royalties of your music work

Finally, the course concludes with my best advice for achieving music freelancing success, taken from my personal freelance journey, and seeing hundreds of Recording Revolution students do the same. 

As you can see... Musical Income covers the A to Z of successful music freelancing, and gives you everything you’ll need to start monetizing your music skills. 

That's because I've put together Musical Income to remove the guesswork, frustration, and trial and error so many musicians have to go through in order to turn their passion and skills into a reliable source of income.

But you might be wondering: How much will Musical Income cost?

Well, I’d like to ask you - what’s it worth to you to discover how to take your music skills and create a sustainable freelance income from them? 

A course as comprehensive as Musical Income should be priced for at least $497, considering that a month of paid music freelance work would easily pay off that cost. 

However, these are not ordinary times. I’ve seen so many people struggle financially this year due to everything that’s happened.

So I don’t want Musical Income to be priced out of the reach of those who need it most. 

Musical Income will cost just 1 payment of $147, with no fine print or strings attached.

And there's zero risk on your shoulders

While what’s inside Musical Income has worked for hundreds of Recording Revolution students, there is a chance that it isn’t what you’re looking for. So if you join Musical Income today, and you don’t get the results you want from it, just send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive a refund of your purchase, no questions asked. 

Chances are though: you’ll discover how to monetize your music skills with Musical Income, and you’ll be very satisfied with your investment into the course.

Now’s the time to take action and start monetizing your music skills with Musical Income

Just a heads up: Musical Income will only be available for new students to join this week.

As this is a brand new course, I want to be with the first group of students as they go through the course materials, and take the actions to start achieving their music freelance goals. 

But realistically - you could see the results of Musical Income in a couple months, even weeks from joining the course.

And isn’t it time you turned your passion for music into something that you’re materially rewarded for? 

Click the button below to join the course, and I’ll see you inside Musical Income :) 

Graham Cochrane

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P.S. Once the deadline on this page hits zero, Musical Income will close its doors to new students.

It’s likely I’ll reopen the course for new students down the line, but why miss out on this opportunity when it’s right here, in front of you now?

Plus, I can't confirm that the course will be at this sweet low price when I do reopen it for new students.

If you’d like to turn your music skills into a genuine income stream - now’s the time to get started, with a proven and tested system that’s worked for hundreds of Recording Revolution students.

Let's start monetizing your music skills together. 

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Discover the simple steps to turning your music skills into a sustainable freelance income for just one payment of $147.
60-full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

P.P.S. If the past few months have been uncertain for you - Musical Income will teach you the skills to create a sustainable side, possibly full-time income from your music skills.

Time flies by, and soon 2020 will end. 

Plenty of musicians are making a solid income off their freelance services all over the world. Who’s to say you can’t be one of them?

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risks at all to joining Musical Income today.

I’ve structured the entire course to take you from no clients, no experience and no portfolio, to creating a sustainable music freelance business.

Give Musical Income a shot, and see what it can do for you.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Click here to join Musical Income now

Discover the simple steps to turning your music skills into a sustainable freelance income for just one payment of $147. 
60-full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


On this page, you can join my brand new course Musical Income, where you’ll be shown how to turn your music skills into a viable income as a freelancer. Whether you’d like to be a mixing/mastering engineer, a producer, a session musician, a recording engineer, it’s all inside this course. 

It’s just 1 payment of $147 to join the course, and with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, ther are no risks to giving Musical Income a shot, and seeing what it can do for you and your music. 

If you’ve got a skill in music like arranging and playing an instrument, mixing and/or mastering raw tracks, producing demos into full-fledged productions - this course is for you. If you’re more of a beginner to recording, mixing, and making music from a home studio - this course might not be the best fit for you currently. 

However, Musical Income is a great resource on music freelancing that almost all musicians would benefit from. 

No. While there are sections in the course that might challenge you, there’s nothing inside Musical Income that’s too complicated, or complex for any musician to understand.

What makes Musical Income special, is that I’ve structured the content to be easily digested and applied at each stage of the process - and as long as you follow the steps given, there’s no chance you’ll struggle with it :)

While there are things you can spend money on to help promote your freelance services, the principles taught inside Musical Income will work whether or not you want to spend money on paid advertising, or various online freelancing platforms.

In short - you can spend more money to kickstart your freelance career, but it isn’t necessary.

If you do want to spend money to help your music freelance business grow, Musical Income will show you how to do that as well.

I didn’t create Musical Income for people to not get results from the course. So if you join the course, and you’re not happy with what you learn, or the results you get, just send me an email at [email protected] and my team will make sure you get a refund, quick and easy. 

However, it’s far more likely that you’ll discover the crucial knowledge you need to achieve your music freelance goals, and you’ll be very satisfied with what Musical Income gives you. 

Click here to join Musical Income now

Discover the simple steps to turning your music skills into a sustainable freelance income for just one payment of $147. 
60-full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


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