There are lots of ways to make a living as a musician these days thanks to the internet.

And while it seems harder and harder to make money selling your music to fans, there is another group of people who are spending TONS of money on music…brands!

And my guest today, Tommy Zee, is a legend in this space having written music for brands like Google, Nike, and BMW.

In this interview, Tommy shares how he went from working a corporate job (at a bank!) to making a full time living as a musician working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

He also breaks down your first steps if you want to begin making money creating music for brands yourself – including what NOT to do when starting out.

After you enjoy the interview, be sure to download his free guide: THE 7 WAYS OF MAKING MONEY WITH MUSIC FOR THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BRANDS

You can also check out some of Tommy’s work here