How much music did you make in your home studio in the past 12 months? Was it as much as you would have liked?

Did you have good intentions months ago, but then life and reality set in – leaving you with a big ole pile of nothing?

Maybe you bought all the gear you needed, watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube, but then never finished a project you were excited about – or worse, never got started.

If that describes you, then you’ve just learned something valuable – no gear, technique, or trick will actually help you make music. Life always gets in the way. Instead you need to change your mindset. And specifically there are 3 key mindsets that I highly recommend you adopt if you want to see massive music production in your immediate future.

And the great thing about these mindsets is, you can change them instantly and they feel absolutely liberating. Are you ready? Here’s to making a lot more music this year!

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