Ever struggled to get great sounding guitar recordings at home using budget gear? I think I can help!

We’re moving right along in this series, and after drums and bass it’s time for me to record my guitar parts. Specifically in this video we’ll tackle both electric and acoustic guitars.

Since many of you record at home, late at night – cranking up a guitar amp may not be the best idea so you might turn to a virtual amp. It’s becoming much more common to record electric guitars this way.

In fact for my song I’ll be doing just that – using a free guitar amp simulator plugin that came with my interface and recording direct. Plus I’ll show you a simple way to create more width in your mix when recording guitars.

For my acoustic guitar I’ll be using a $99 Behringer B1 microphone. This is the first mic I ever purchased and it sounds great – especially when you use some strategic mic placement that I’ll show you in this video. Alright, let’s dive in!

P.S. To get a list of the budget equipment I use in this video series and my recommendations to fit every budget, download my Studio Gear Guide completely free here.