Not a drummer? Don’t have access to a drum kit or enough mics, preamps, or space to record them?

No problem! Today we’re going to get some drums into our song with simple drum loops. Not only do most loops already sound great, they are actually pretty easy to customize to fit your song!

In this video I import a loop and edit it to perfectly fit my scratch guitar recording that we did in the last video.

Here are some places to get FREE drum loops that you can import into your software:

  1. Big Fish Loops (What I use in the video)
  2. Looperman (User submitted loops)
  3. The Loop Loft (They have a free sample pack)

Also I highly recommend EZ Drummer – check out my video on how to use EZ Drummer here.

P.S. To get a list of the budget equipment I use in this video series and my recommendations to fit every budget, download my Studio Gear Guide completely free here.