So much of what I am constantly learning when working on music production is the ever apparent need for limitations. Just read my free eBook The #1 Rule of Home Recording to see exactly what I mean. Limitations set you free by keeping you focused on the big picture. One practical way to use this concept is to reduce the number of variables in your studio when making music.

TRR52 Reduce Variables In The Studio

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Simplify, Save Money, See Results

I was recently interviewed by my good friend Joe Gilder ( for a new training product called Home Recording Tactics. My interview is just one of 9 total “sit downs” with pro audio engineers around the world giving advice and thoughts on making good music.

My portion was on the subject of recording on a budget. In this interview I talk about the importance of reducing variables in your signal chain and your gear choices in order to not only save money, but learn quicker and make better music. Take a listen to my interview right here and hopefully it will help you. If you like what you learned, then check out Home Recording Tactics and get access to the other 8 amazing interviews!

Listen In To The Conversation…

[audio:RecordingOnABudget.mp3|artists=Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder|titles=Home Recording Tactics: Recording On A Budget]