Edit: REthink Vocals was formerly known as Vocals Boot Camp.

Are you striving to get that tight, polished vocal sound in your mixes? Do you get frustrated with “hearing” your edits, or “over tuning” your vocals?

I always thought that recording vocals was supposed to be the easiest task in the studio. “Just stick a mic in front of the vocalist and let her go for it!” But no matter how tight my guitars were, no matter how locked my virtual instruments sounded, no matter how big and clear my drums felt, the vocals just sounded amateur, like they didn’t belong in the mix.

A decade and countless mixes later, I’ve created a workflow and process for capturing the perfect vocal take every time and polishing that track so its crystal clear in the mix. I’d love to teach that to you in my brand new video series…REthink Vocals!


REthink Vocals is your shortcut to producing better vocals. It covers the 4 key areas of producing top notch vocal tracks: recording/arranging, editing, pitch correction, and mixing. These techniques and tips will work for you no matter which DAW you work with in your studio.

So if you have a minute, check out www.REthinkVocals.com for more information. And for information on my previous boot camp, check out the brand new Products page here on The Recording Revolution.