If you mix In-The-Box (ITB) with your favorite DAW then you might wonder what all the fuss is relating to analog mixing consoles and analog summing. You might hear people describe mixes as having “warmth”, “punch”, or “vibe” and some might even criticize mixing strictly ITB in your software, calling it “harsh” and “digital.”

I personally mix ITB in Pro Tools and love the results I’m getting. But I do know that there is something unique that the analog circuitry of an old mixing desk has to offer and when there is a plugin that says it has figured out how to model that, I’m interested. The latest plugin from Slate Digital (made up of veteran drummer and producer Steven Slate and genius french plugin guru Fabrice Gabriel) the Virtual Console Collection is supposed to be the answer for In-The-Box mixers like me.

Specifically in today’s video I review and demo the RC-Tube console emulation. Take a look/listen to how I used it in a recent mix and judge for yourself!