Ask and you shall receive. Today (for the first time ever) I’m taking you inside my home studio and giving you a look around.

Because you all have asked me for 5 years straight I figured I’d give you an inside peak into my latest home studio. We just moved in last week and I’ve been hard at work to get everything set up (got an album to mix in a few days).

There are three things I hope you take away from this studio tour:

  1. At its core, my studio is a simple setup – the same kind that I’ve had for almost 15 years. Don’t be fooled by appearances.
  2. The most expensive things in my studio actually have nothing to do with the audio I’m recording or mixing.
  3. No room is perfect. So relax.

If you have any questions about my setup, feel free to post them below and I’ll be happy to answer. Enjoy!