In my last post I suggested you forget about the hype and gear lust out there, and just buy one $100 studio condenser microphone, learn it like crazy, and make great recordings. I firmly believe that musicians and bands would make better recordings if they spent less time worrying about expensive gear and more time using the gear they have. Yet this huge misconception remains, so I am here to put that to rest…and hopefully give you the encouragement and freedom to spend less money and be more productive with your music.

You Can’t Be Serious?!
Ask some recording engineers if they would use just one microphone to record everything in a song and they would probably say “no.” Even if they said yes they probably would scoff at using only a $100 mic for the job. But even if that’s the response they might give (remember they have access to tons of great gear and this is all they do) it should not dictate how you approach recording.

So to encourage you (and to make my point) I wanted to give you an example of a track I recorded last year using only one microphone. I used the Behringer B1 (pictured above) exclusively on this track. We recorded all the guitars with it, all the percussion and hand drums, and all of Aaron’s vocals. Take a listen and then we’ll sum this up with some final thoughts.


You Can Do It
The point of me sharing this track with you is to encourage you. My goal is for you get better at recording your songs. I want you to learn the craft that is multi-track recording and produce killer tracks. But that won’t happen if I tell you to buy more gear (you do need some, and I’ve addressed that in earlier posts). Instead I want you to get the basics, learn them, use them, and hone your skills.

If you’ve written a great song then it deserves a great recording, which will come only with great attention to detail, not great gear. If you can get this in your head, then you will be better for it. Don’t listen to the hype. Prove the skeptics wrong. And most importantly, just make great music and don’t give up.