We just took a song from OK to awesome in 60 minutes.

So far in this mini series we’ve covered everything from panning, EQ and compression to mix buss processing, reverb, and delay. And today we need wrap things up with sweetening.

We’ll even discover a little “mistake” I made at the beginning of this mix that has a huge impact on part of the mix. Let’s dive in!

Go Even Deeper With My Proven Mix Method

Like I mentioned in this video, if the One Hour Mix series has helped give you somewhat of a framework for mixing but you’d like to know more, I have something just for you.

It’s called REthink Mixing and it’s my step by step, proven method to get radio ready mixes with the gear you already have.

Join thousands of my best students and take a peak behind the curtain at how I approach a real mix, start to finish, from flawed tracks to polished master. I promise you’re going to love it and it’ll change the way you mix forever.