We all know we need certain things to make great music from a home studio.

A microphone, an audio interface, a computer, a DAW… but we tend to forget something just as important.

If you’re looking to develop your music further… you’ve got to be part of a music community.

There’s just 3 main reasons:

#1: It’s so easy to fool yourself in your home studio, isolated

When you’re alone in your home studio listening to a mix on end, there is no way you can have a clear perspective of what your music sounds like.

If you’re able to listen to your music with others and get feedback on your mixes? You’ll be able to get much better mixes, far quicker.

#2 It’s the best way to fill in gaps in your skillset

You may understand EQ or compression, but still struggle with certain aspects of it. But if you’ve got someone who explains it in the context of your music?

You’ll understand it and learn a more meaningful lesson as a result.

#3 It’s just more fun!

Seriously – if you’ve ever worked on a mix for hours, you’ll know how painful it can be. Your ears are tired, you’ve heard your music on repeat for so long, and you’ve got no one to talk to about it either.

When you’ve got people you can relate to, it makes the creative journey far easier.

Watch me dive deep into why your music needs the power of a community in today’s video:

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