If you’re searching for more width in your mix, look no further than your favorite EQ plugin.

At the end of the day, mix width is really an illusion. But with some strategic EQ moves you can increase the apparent mix width quickly and easily.

Oh, and as a bonus, it sounds more natural than a stereo widening plugin.

Where You Should Be After Week 3

At this point in the challenge, you should have a full written, recorded, and mixed song. We’re almost done, can you believe it?!

Just a tip: when you think you’re done with the mix, bounce it out as an MP3 and then “live with it” for 24 hours. Listen to it on your phone, on earbuds, in your car, and play it for a trusted friend.

Take note of any thing that jumps out as “weird” our “out of balance” then come back and make those final tweaks.

Next week we’ll look at some simple mastering tips and then we’ll finally release this darn thing!

In you haven’t started your mix, or simply want to know some of my best tips on getting a great mix off the ground, go and watch my Smart Start To Mixing video right now. It’s absolutely free and a game changer for the home studio mixer!