5 Audio People I Am Thankful For

2012 Nov 23, 2012

Yesterday was the official day of Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s one of those few days each year many of us slow down just long enough to acknowledge how much we have to be thankful for. We would be foolish to think everything good we have in our lives is our own doing. We are the recipients of much, and it is humbling to remember.

The same is true specifically in the audio world. Most of us are students of someone. We learn from others, constantly. Perhaps that’s why you are here, at this website. You want to glean knowledge and wisdom (I hope I offer some to you!) Personally there are many people whom I have learned so much from, people I respect and appreciate. And today I want to take a moment to give a shout out to five specific audio people that I am thankful for. Check them out for yourself when you get some free time. These guys are amazing.


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Kevin Ward – MixCoach.com

Kevin is one of the greatest mix engineers you’ve never heard of. He’s won Dove awards, worked with tons of artists in the Nashville area and beyond, and he just knows his stuff. On top of that, he has a heart for teaching and breaks things down on such a easy to understand level, even I can learn from the guy! Every time I’m on his site, I learn a new “trick” or technique that I adopt as my own and use forever, he’s that good.

Fab Dupont – PureMix.net

Fab is funny, talented, and smart. Oh, and he’s got a ridiculous French accent. As a top level engineer working with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, and Shakira this guy is always slammed with work. But he still somehow finds time to put together some of the most professional and helpful recording and mixing tutorials anywhere. Fab gets music and he doesn’t take things too seriously. You’ll learn a lot from this guy, trust me.

Dave Pensado – PensadosPlace.tv

One of the absolute coolest audio sites around is Pensado’s Place. Grammy award winning mixer Dave Pensado hosts a weekly video interview with the industry’s top names. These interviews are hilarious and brimming with nuggets of audio wisdom just waiting to be sifted. Dave is actually the only person on this list I have never actually met in person, but you feel like he’s an old friend because of his rare mix (in the audio world) of self-deprecating humor and humility. This guy is a huge blessing to the audio community.

Russ Hughes – Pro-Tools-Expert.com

If you are a Pro Tools user, then you have to hangout at Pro Tools Expert. Russ Hughes and his team of Pro Tools fanatics have a site packed full of not just tutorials and tips but news, reviews, and rumors. Pro Tools Expert is the only place I go for the latest in Pro Tools news. That’s how much I trust it. Avid seems to get information to Russ sooner than anyone else and it’s always accurate and reliable. Just awesome stuff there.

Joe Gilder – HomeStudioCorner.com

No list of mine would be complete without mentioning my evil doppleganger, Joe Gilder. No seriously folks, he’s a great guy. One of the best. We share such a similar philosophy of recording, mixing, and life that it’s eerie. His site and daily email tips are so spot on and constantly encourage me to stay focused on what matters in the studio. Since we’re so like minded I’ve teamed up with him on three projects: an audio podcast, in person recording workshops, and the best monthly mix training site around. He’s a great teacher and a great friend.

Thank You All

There are so many teachers, mentors, and strangers who have taught me much about audio, recording, and the like in my life. I am forever grateful for your openness, patience, and willingness to share what you know. I try hard to pass everything I know on to anyone out there who could benefit from my experience. May we all continue to humbly listen, learn, and pass things on to the next generation. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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