Create Radio-Worthy Songs

from your bedroom or home studio.

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Recording Techniques

Want to record stunning vocals, drums and guitars? Learn how to record your songs in incredible quality using budget equipment from the comfort of your home studio or bedroom.

Mixing and Mastering

Do you wish your mixes sounded the way they do in your head? Learn how to mix your songs to a radio-ready level using your existing software and stock plugins. You don’t need a professional studio.

Earn an Income

Discover how to make a living from your music passion. Learn the step-by-step process for generating a side income of $500-$1000 from home, using your recording and mixing skills.

Supported by Grammy Winning Legends

Graham has a passion for audio and mixing. His tips and techniques are spot on. Often when I’m putting ideas together for my Into The Lair segment I will check out The Recording Revolution and see what Graham and his viewers are currently interested in and formulate my take on it. Good Job Graham.

Dave Pensado

Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer, (Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber)

Graham Cochrane has brought more people into the recording community than anyone I can think of. His message of support and encouragement is unrivalled, he truly is an amazing mentor and his humility is second to none. Thank you Graham for helping so many people realise that they too can make great music!

Warren Huart

Mixing/Recording Engineer, (Aerosmith, The Fray, Korn)

Graham is always on point! I watch his videos all the time and either I recognize techniques/philosophies I know to be solid or I learn good ones he has to share! He’s definitely one of the best and his eloquence proves it.


Multi-Platinum Mixing Engineer, (Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West)

I’m so impressed with Graham and his platform with the Recording Revolution. The talent and passion he has for sharing his own journey and knowledge in the record making process is very special. It’s one of the most meaningful resources that aspiring record makers can access. It’s a lifelong pursuit to develop the skill set and wisdom to record and mix in any situation. With Graham you have a real friend to share that experience with.

Jacquire King

Grammy Winning Producer, (Kings of Leon, James Bay, Norah Jones)

Graham has an amazing gift when it comes to walking someone step by step through the recording process. His resources are very helpful and on point! It is always refreshing to see someone who genuinely cares to deliver great, quality content on a regular basis.

Ivan “ill Factor” Corraliza

Grammy Nominated Producer, (Sia, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani)