93 Mixing Videos Just For You

2013 Apr 02, 2013

So we’ve reached the end of a month long mixing video tutorial marathon where I pumped out 31 mixing tips in 31 days straight! From mixing philosophy to tricks and hacks, this round of 5 Minutes To A Better Mix was a good one!

Third Time’s A Charm

And you know where that leaves us don’t you? With 3 rounds of this video series, that brings us to a grand total of 93 video tutorials. That’s about 8 hours of practical mixing training, at your disposal, ready to help you get better results in YOUR studio with YOUR gear. In fact, I’ve made it super easy for you to access all of those videos. I recently updated the 5 Minutes To A Better Mix page so you can see all 93 videos at a glance and dive right in!

Here are a few reactions to this video series:

5 Minutes To A Better Mix is the best video series out there period. I’m doing them over again in April! Thanks Graham.

My mixes are 210% better because of 5 Minutes To A Better Mix.

5 Minutes To A Better Mix has helped my mixes blow through the roof with quality. Thank you so much Graham!

Put It Into Practice

Hopefully you’ve had a similar experience with 5 Minutes To A Better Mix. Remember, knowing a lot about mixing is one thing. Actually putting knowledge into practice through trial and error in the studio is another. My hope is that this video series will motivate and encourage you to get your hands “dirty” in your studio and make better music than ever before!

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