A Mobile Recording Revolution

2011 Jan 03, 2011

UPDATE: This site and service are no longer available. Currently I’m doing remote mixing/mastering out of my Florida based studio. Information can be found at www.GrahamCochrane.com

I am excited today to announce something new from The Recording Revolution. As many of you know, in addition to writing content and doing videos for this site I do freelance recording and mixing work. And in the last few years I have found myself traveling more and more to record bands all over the country, and many times in “non-studio” environments.

The growing need for bands and artists to have a professional sounding album recorded by an experienced producer became apparent to me, so today I am thrilled to announce my new recording service, Mobile Studio Plus!


Via Karen Flickr

This Studio Comes To You

Mobile Studio Plus is a very specific recording service involving me traveling to you, bringing an entire portable studio capable of tracking full band productions. We setup shop at your location (where you are comfortable), record for 2 to 4 days (depending on your desired package), then I take it all back here to Tampa to edit, mix, and master to your specific needs.

How This Can Benefit You, A Home Studio Owner

Why would a guy who teaches artists how to record themselves try and provide a recording service as well? For starters, recording and producing bands is what I do for a living. I’m just letting you know about it since you guys follow what I do. Secondly, many of you I know personally have expressed interest in having someone like me come and actually produce your next album in order to learn from me and become better equipped to record projects in the future. I know that learned a ton (and still do) when I worked with other engineers and producers on my own music.

Perfect For Worship Bands

You’ll notice right away on the site that this service is geared to worship bands and artists (although it is open to any band or musician). As someone heavily involved in music ministry at my church, I see the constant need for quality music production for church bands and Christian artsits who may not have money or access to a pro studio or gear. I’ve worked with many worship leaders and bands over the years and I have tailored this service to fit into the schedules and budgets of regular, working, band members who see the need to get a fantastic recording.

If It’s Not For You, Pass It On

As a faithful follower and reader of The Recording Revolution, let me say thanks for making this site a huge success. I try to give quality, relevant, and free information every week that will help you make better music now! That being said, if Mobile Studio Plus is not a service you need or are interested in, would you do me a favor? Would you maybe pass on the link to someone who you feel might benefit from the service? It would mean the world to me.


Thanks again for a great 2010. Here’s to an even better  year of music making and production in 2011!

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