Announcing The Audio Income Project

2013 Oct 14, 2013

For anyone who has ever wanted to make some money on the side with their home studio, today’s post is for you. After months and months of work in my secret lab (i.e. my office) I’m pumped to announce the most ambitious training product I’ve ever created. It’s called The Audio Income Project, and you’re going to love it.

Can I Really Make Money Doing Audio?

I seem to get this question on a weekly basis. The answer is a resounding “Yes!” But even for some of you who have already started to do a little bit of freelance recording or mixing, do you know how much you really should be charging? Do you know how to land more clients (and better clients)? Do you know how to run a smart, lean, and profitable business?

Starting (and running) a side business might seem scary at first, but what if you had a friend, someone who’s done it before, who has made all of the mistakes, learned the hard way and come out the other side successful? What if that friend were to sit down with you and give you a step by step roadmap to follow? Would you be interested?

Your Step By Step Guide

The Audio Income Project is that roadmap. It’s the culmination of my over 10 years of successful audio freelance experience packaged in an easy to digest and turn key course that anyone can use to start making good money on the side.

 After going through the Audio Income Project you will know how to:

  • Identify your unique offering in the marketplace
  • Target, prospect, and land your ideal client every time
  • Create an effective portfolio website that sells your services on autopilot 24/7
  • Know exactly what to charge and how to make more money over time
  • Manage your business’s “books” and pay your taxes in less than 20 minutes of work each month
  • Easily make $500-$1000 a month on the side while keeping your day job

This Is Literally How I Run My Business

When I sat down to create The Audio Income Project, my goal was to teach people exactly how I run a successful and profitable audio freelance business. I literally show you everything I do (and don’t do) so that nothing is left to chance. Every question you’ve ever had about working with clients, marketing your business, running a mix session, raising your rates, paying your taxes, advertising, and even invoicing is all covered here.

Why did I create this course? The same reason I’ve put out all of my other training materials, because no one seemed to be teaching this stuff. Especially not like this.

So if you’ve ever thought about making some money on the side with the gear you already have, or if you’ve been working freelance for a bit but don’t know how to seriously grow your business, The Audio Income Project is for you.

Head over to the site for all the details. There’s so much more that I can’t cover here!

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