Drum Recording And Mixing Made Simple

2011 Mar 21, 2011

Edit: REthink Drums was formerly known as Drums Boot Camp 

I am excited today to finally launch my new video tutorial series, REthink Drums! If you’ve ever tried to record or mix drums you know how complex and challenging it can be. And despite the wealth of information about it available online and in books/magazines I have never seen a tutorial series actually teach the art of drum recording and mixing like this.


The Tutorial I Wish Existed Years Ago

When I create a video product, I am trying to make something that I don’t see out in world; something that people could really benefit from right now. REthink Drums is truly the video series I wish existed when I was learning how to record drums, because it shows the beginner and budding producer exactly what to do, without wasting a second of time.

Improve Your Drum Tracks Today


The motto for The Recording Revolution is to help people “make better music now.” REthink Drums will do exactly that for your drum tracks. Within 10 minutes of watching the first video you will know how to get a better drum sound and will build a philosophy of drum recording that will serve you well no matter what kind of setup you have!

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