Golden Age Project Pre-73 Mic Preamp Review [Video]

2011 Apr 20, 2011

I’m a big advocate of using the built in mic pres in your audio interface for two reasons: they sound good, and you’ve already paid for them! But if and when you decide to venture out in search of an external mic pre for coloration or a different sound then you may become fond of the Pre-73 from Golden Age Project.

This tabletop pre is a well made, vintage style mic pre that can add some character and warmth to your signal. In using it on a few projects recently, here are my top Pros and Cons as well as my full review with an audio sample:

Pros – Great sound, built tough, impedance switch, excellent DI, realistic price.

Cons – Mic/Line gain knob takes some getting used to, no low cut filter


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