How To Go From Demo To Finished Production

2021 Jan 29, 2021

In last week’s video, Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor showed you how to go from a drum loop into a basic song production…

And this week, he’s showing you how he turned that basic demo into an insanely epic, fully produced song that’s ready for mixing and mastering.

In this in-depth 25 minute walkthrough, he pulls back the curtain on how you too can fully produce your demos into a professional standard, even if you don’t have a producer to work with, or an expensive studio full of music gear.

From how he pads out a lead vocal to keep it sounding interesting throughout the song, or the chord progressions he uses to create tension-building bridge section – it’s a goldmine of production and songwriting knowledge right from the source.

This is your chance to see how a pro-level producer works inside his DAW to craft instrument lines, create new harmonies, and take a basic song idea and turn it into a powerful, attention-grabbing track.

Honestly, we’re blown away by the final result.

If you’ve ever faced “demo-itis”, where you’ve just been listening to a demo you’ve made again and again and known something’s still missing from it…

But still couldn’t figure out what it needed to be finished…

This video is for you.

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Listen to the original demo of Standing My Ground here:

Listen to the final production of Standing My Ground here:

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