How To Make A Living In Music Through The Power Of Generosity (Ivan Corraliza "ill Factor" Interview)

2016 Feb 18, 2016

What is the missing piece to your journey from making music for fun to making a full time living as an artist/producer? 

Recently I sat down to chat with the talented and in demand producer, Ivan Corraliza (aka ill Factor) about his rise from a kid with a drum machine to Grammy nominations and working with the Justin Timberlakes and Gwen Stefanis of the world.

The amazing thing is, the secret to his success wasn’t just “hustle” – it was “give”.

There’s Never Been A Better Time

The landscape of the recording and music industry is changing – and Ivan knows it. The days of the needing a major label and mass radio play to “make it” in this business are over. And that’s what is so exciting!

There’s never been a greater time to be successful with your music than today. – Ivan Corraliza

In our conversation, Ivan and I walked through some of today’s best practices for making a living as an artist as well as the counterintuitive nature of succeeding in today’s crowded climate. In the interview Ivan covers:

  • How the days of trading music for money are over (and how to leverage that to your advantage)
  • The old model of needing a major record label, radio air time, and a million fans to make a living is antiquated – it’s much simpler than that
  • The two most powerful words in success: nurture relationships
  • How NOT to approach a famous person (and what to do instead that will make them want to work with you)
  • Why focusing on adding as much value as possible (even if it means strategic free work) is the secret sauce to getting great, paying gigs
  • How mentorship is the single most important part of Ivan’s (and your) journey

It’s Not About You, It’s About Others

Ivan had a major opportunity walk in front of him one day – the legendary Jimmy Douglas walked into the music store where he was working.

Instead of going up to him (and Timbaland by the way) and saying “hey man, you should check out my beats” or “I’m a super talented engineer, just give me a shot” Ivan did the opposite. He asked Jimmy if there was anything he could do for him!

What could Ivan possibly do for Jimmy Douglas?! But that’s not the point – the point is that people don’t like takers. They like givers.

The moment you realize that if you ever want to succeed at life you have to stop looking out for yourself and instead look out for others, it’s like an entire world of connections and opportunities opens up to you.

This is the complete opposite of the “hustle” and “grab what you can” mantra being pushed by other “successful” people. But it’s the truth.

Check Out More From Ivan

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Go show him some love and support what he’s doing!

So let me ask you, what is one thing that surprised you about Ivan’s interview or encouraged you in some way? Share your thoughts below!

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