How To Release Your Song Digitally (One Song One Month Challenge 8/8)

2016 Jan 28, 2016

I don’t care how good your song is and how good the final mix sounds, if you don’t release it to the world then you haven’t finished it yet.

Music was meant to be shared, not hoarded to yourself. So in this final episode of the One Song One Month Challenge we are going to put our track out there for the world to hear.

Today I’m going to show you two of my favorite tools for digitally releasing music as well as a strategy for pricing your tracks. Enjoy!

More On The Psychology Of “Free” Music

Like I mentioned in the video, I’ve done a bit of experimenting with offering your music “for free” and making money off of it.

The secret is not to actually give it away, but rather to let people “name their price” and then to offer more value than simply the songs themselves.

When you do those two things, you are reminding the listener that:

  1. Your recordings have intrinsic value – and
  2. You want to offer your fans value for their money

The result is that although many people will simply download your songs for the hefty price of $0, many  more will pay the “suggested price” or more because they want to support you and they see the extra value that you are offering.

Try it out on your next project and experiment with your pricing suggestions and value options. I’d love to know what you discover!

We’ve Come To The End Of Our 30 Day Challenge

It’s hard to believe that 4 weeks have come and gone. In the past (almost) 30 days we have gone from no song, to a digitally released track that sounds great and we are proud of.

Is it our best work? Maybe not. But it’s finished – and as we’ve learned over the years, finishing projects is the surest way to getting better at your craft.

Also, if you missed a video or two, you can catch all 8 of them right here. Feel free to follow the pattern anytime you need a kick in the pants to get some music made in your studio!

So I want to hear from you! As I mentioned in the video:

  • Did you actually complete this challenge?
  • And what was your biggest surprise during this 30 day process?

Let us know in the comment section below. And feel free to link to your completed song as well so we can all hear your great work!

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