Interview With Slate Digital CEO Steven Slate [Video]

2012 Jun 13, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Slate (CEO of Slate Digital, Slate Pro Audio) to talk about all things audio related. Here’s a guy who is famous for making killer drum samples that are used by the world’s top mixers. He’s since gone on to make some of the most useful pro audio plugins I’ve ever seen that are helping the pros and home studio guys alike.

Talking About The Recording “Revolution”

Steve was gracious enough to chat with me about this recording “revolution” we are living in and how exciting it is to be making music these days. In this interview Steven talks about:

  • The affordability of recording gear as a good thing for the industry
  • Analog summing verses mixing in the “box”
  • The Virtual Console Collection and why he makes plugins
  • Drum samples and why they aren’t cheating
  • What it takes to succeed in this music industry

For info on his plugins check out Slate Digital. To get his infamous drum samples, check out Steven Slate Drums. To check out his pro hardware gear, swing over to Slate Pro Audio. And if you just want your dose of funny tweets, follow Steven on Twitter.

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