Interview With In-The-Box Mixer Joe Carrell [Video]

2014 Aug 21, 2014

Every week I’m telling you it’s possible to get pro sounding mixes “in-the-box” – but when top level mixers are saying the same thing, I love to share it with you.

Today I have a great interview for you with one of my mixing buddies Joe Carrell, a pro engineer out of Nashville who’s worked with many of Christian rock’s best over the years (and lately a lot more country as well).

In the interview, Joe shares some killer stuff including:

  • How to mix in-the-box like you would on a console
  • The two plugins he puts on every track
  • How he cuts out hours of his workflow so he can mix faster and stay in the creative zone
  • The “addiction” to plugins plaguing mixers today
  • What it takes to stand out and make a living in this business
  • One massive mistake many mixers are making (and how to correct it)
  • His all time favorite mixing hack

If you want more from Joe, check out my first interview with him way back in the dark ages of The Recording Revolution. Also, here was a follow up Q&A with him on some of the topics we discussed back then.

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