Interview With Mike Senior Of Sound On Sound [Video]

2013 Feb 06, 2013

Famous for his “Mix Rescue” column in Sound On Sound magazine and author of the fantastic book Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio, engineer and educator Mike Senior sits down to talk recording and mixing in today’s video. Mike is a great mixer and teacher in his own right and was gracious enough to talk through some common issues we find in home studio environments.


Topics Mike covers in the video are:

  • How to reduce the chaos of mixing (12:53)
  • The best “bang for your buck” in the home studio (16:22)
  • The one thing that most commonly undermines drum and guitar sounds (20:10)
  • Why referencing is the best thing you can do for your  mixes (22:09)
  • A surprising way to approach EQ (28:38)

More Resources From Mike

For more great resources from Mike (including his famous multi-track library) check out these links:
Great articles Mike has written –
His fantastic book on mixing –
Multi-track library from Mix Rescue – 

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