Making Music On A Sailboat (Or The End Of Excuses)

2014 Sep 22, 2014

If you’re like me then at times you’ll look for any excuse possible as to why you aren’t making the kind of music you so desire.

You might blame your lack of (expensive) gear, your lack of experience, or perhaps it’s even your lack of a professional recording space to work in.

You wouldn’t be alone in that blame game. I’m as guilty as they come.

Microphones, Laptops, And Sailboats

But the longer I live on this planet and pay attention to what other musicians are doing around the world with limited gear and space, I have come to realize that there is no longer anything holding me back from making great music but myself.

A recent reminder of this was when a reader passed on this amazing video from the Sailing Conductors, two “music loving dudes” who sail around the world and record music along the way.

Watch this and be inspired.

If These Guys Can Do It

When I see people making music in unconventional ways and in unconventional places I get excited.

With nothing more than a couple of microphones, a laptop, and a great song idea – a beautiful piece of music was captured across the world and for the world to enjoy.

In watching this I’m reminded that if they can do this, surely I can. I mean, they got on a boat, sailed around the world, and made great recordings! That’s awesome!

Don’t Miss Out On The Big Picture Here

I know some of you get frustrated with this kind of thing though. You want to know exactly what software they used to record, what interface or preamps they were hitting on the way in to the laptop, and how/where they mixed the song.

If that’s you, I’d simply encourage you to not care so much.

If you focus purely on the “how” they did it, and not on the “what” they did – you’ll miss out.

The way to get great sounding recordings is to actually get out there and record. The way to get great sounding mixes is to actually get out there and mix.

The gear is such a small part of the equation that it doesn’t deserve a whole lot of your time and energy.

Instead – let the excitement of music making, of collaboration, and of performing (all of which we see in this video) fuel you and ignite you to stop reading this website and get back in the “studio”.

The world needs to hear your music!

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