Map Out Your Song's Foundation (One Song One Month Challenge 2/8)

2016 Jan 07, 2016

If the most important part of songwriting is having a killer hook, then the second most important part is crafting the perfect arrangement.

In today’s episode of The One Song One Month Challenge we’re going to look at how to map out your song’s flow. This will be the foundation for your entire recording and mixing process.

And the cool thing is – if you get this part right, the song will end up with a better final mix in the end. Let’s dive in!

Where You Should Be After Week 1

For those of you who are actually following along, trying to get this song done and “out the door” in 30 days, here is where you should be with your creation after the first week.

  • You should have your main instrument mapped out from start to finish in your DAW.
  • You should be able to know how the full arrangement (at least the flow) is going to go.
  • This might include drum loops or percussion, but it doesn’t have to. This can all be done to a click track (which is typically how I work).

Next week we’re going to actually record all the parts (or the remaining parts) and fill out the song!

So by way of accountability – leave a comment below and tell me about your progress. Did you get a hook in your DAW? Are you ready to map out your song?

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