Mix With Me: Mix Buss Processing (Part 2 of 6)

2018 Jun 29, 2018

After you’ve put together your static mix in a song you’re working on, what do you do next?

Do you start putting all the plugins you have on every single track to fix your mix?

Maybe you start bringing in effect plugins like reverb, chorus and overdrive?

The answer is a big no.

You see, if you start to put a couple of simple, no-nonsense plugins on your master fader or mix buss, the small processing you do there will let you clean up and open up a mix far more easily.

And it also saves you countless hours trying to fix a mix track by track. (that’s for later in the mixing process)

Now, you have to tread carefully when you do this, as this can either build your mix into something amazing, or destroy it.

So the one word to keep in mind with mix buss processing is… subtle.

So in part 2 of 6 in the “Mix With Me” series is all about how to do that.

Check it out below:

Now, if you’d like to mix this song with me over the next few weeks, then go to mixingchecklist.com to download my 8-Step Mixing Checklist as well as the stems for this song, “Southern Road” by The Lack Family.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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