Mix With Me: Compression (Part 4 of 6)

2018 Jul 13, 2018

I’m coming to you today with part 4 of 6 in the “Mix With Me” series – and this part is all about compression.

After you’ve used EQ to tame your mix and put your tracks into their sonic sweet spot, compression is the next step to making your mix radio-ready.

You see, compression is the key to making sure none of your tracks jump out of their ideal range.

From making sure a strumming guitar track stays the same volume throughout the chorus, to boosting softer vocals in a crowded mix… compression allows you to turn a messy mix into a tight, well-produced song.

Here’s the best part: you get to see me do this live in today’s video!

Check it out below:

And if you’d like to mix this song with me – click here to download my free 8-Step Mixing Checklist along with the stems for this song.

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