Mix With Me - Reverb & Delay (Part 5 of 6)

2018 Jul 20, 2018

I’ve got part 5/6 of the “Mix With Me” series for you today, and it’s on reverb and delay.

Now, these 2 plugins are extremely subjective from person to person.

Some people love huge amounts of reverb on their vocals and guitar, others prefer having just a pinch of it.

Same with delay.

But the power of these 2 plugins is that they let you overcome the sonic limitations of a home studio.

From turning your dry vocals into powerful, stadium-resonant ones, to just brightening up your drums, it does so much if done right.

Key words: if done right.

And I show you how to do that in today’s video:

And just in case you haven’t yet: you can download the stems for this song to mix with me at mixingchecklist.com

Plus you’ll also get a free 8-step Mixing Checklist 

I hope you enjoy the video!

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