My 100th Post - Win Some Free Gear

2010 Jul 05, 2010

Today is an exciting day…the post you are currently reading is my 100th post for The Recording Revolution! That’s right; 100 posts of recording tips, tricks, and video tutorials helping people like you make better music, now!

If you’ve hung around here long enough you’ve probably gathered that I’m of the belief that your mental approach and knowledge of the art of recording is more influential in the final outcome of your recordings than simply the gear you buy. But we still can’t make recordings without gear, and gear can be fun. Especially when it’s free!

Want Free Gear?

That being said, today I am starting a new contest. The prize is a brand spanking new Behringer V-Amp Pro Guitar Amp Modeling and Multi-Effects Processor. The V-Amp Pro is a killer rack unit solution for all of your guitar recording needs:

  • 32 Amp Models with 15 speaker cabinet emulation
  • Stereo multi-effects like chorus, flange, auto-wah, delay
  • 24 bit/96 khz digital outs for direct recording to your rig

For a lot more info about this crucial piece of gear, head over to the product page at

How To Win

First of all I want to thank Behringer for donating the V-Amp Pro for this contest. Not only does Behringer make great gear at real life prices, but they have been great friends to The Recording Revolution in recent months. And hooking me up with the V-Amp Pro to giveaway is no exception.

OK, on to the contest! The rules of this contest are super simple. The entire contest will take place on Facebook. Click here to head over to the contest details on my fan page. Thanks again for being a reader at The Recording Revolution. I hope you win!

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