My Band's New Christmas EP

2011 Nov 21, 2011

Looking for some new Christmas music this season? Well look no further. My band just released a brand new EP featuring our spin on three classic Christmas tunes and you can download it right now!

Stripped Down and Simple

This EP was fun to record because we decided to track it all together, live. We literally setup shop in someone’s house (living room and dining room), put up 3 mics on the drums, one on the acoustic, one on the electric amp, and ran the bass direct. We rehearsed a bit, and then laid it down a few times into Pro Tools.

It felt super laid back and old school. We had to “get it right” at the source and that kind of pressure helped us to perform well (in my humble opinion). We added a few extras to the mixes as we wrapped things up, but over all this project was a quick, simple, and stripped down recording experience. Take a listen to one of the tracks if you like!

Get music, Give Love

One thing my church likes to do at Christmas is hand deliver legit Christmas dinners to people in our community here in Tampa who are down on their luck and struggling financially. To help fund this operation, our band decided to donate all proceeds from our Christmas EP sales to buying Christmas meals. So if you’ld like some new music AND want to help people in my community here, go ahead and download your copy today!

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