Pro Tools MP 9: A Cheaper Alternative

2011 Apr 11, 2011

Last week at the Musikmesse 2011 show in Frankfurt, Avid/M-Audio unveiled an update to their Pro Tools M-Powered line, simply called Pro Tools MP 9. In essence, as Pro Tools LE was dropped for the more robust Pro Tools 9, standalone DAW, M-Audio is carrying a still more affordable alternative that boasts many of the same great new features of Pro Tools 9, but at a price that’s hard to pass up.

Pro Tools 9 For Half The Cost

Pro Tools 9 costs $599 US straight up. You can run it on any hardware (or no hardware) and it finally has all the updates people wanted. At only $299, Pro Tools MP 9 will give you almost all the same functionality but at a cost…you have to still be tethered to M-Audio hardware. This really is a great option though as M-Audio makes some fantastic interfaces.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Up to 48 stereo audio tracks
  • Up to 96khz sample rates
  • Bounce To MP3 included
  • ADC (Automatic Delay Compensation) included
  • Must run with M-Audio hardware

This is huge, because you get the ADC and Bounce to MP3 options that people wanted in Pro Tools LE and M-Powered before, but now you don’t necessarily have to jump to Pro Tools 9 to get them. Of course if you want twice the tracks, higher sample rates, and no hardware requirement, you can always upgrade later.

Hardware + Software = Great Deals

Where M-Audio is really selling you is the bundle deals. If you purchase their hardware with Pro Tools MP 9 you save a TON of cash.

Right now they seem to be highlighting three interfaces in particular. The Mobile Pre interface (2 mic pres, USB connectivity) with PT MP 9 runs only $329 US. That’s only $30 more than Pro Tools MP 9 by itself! For $549 you can get the Fast Track Ultra with 4 mic pres built in bundled with Pro Tools as well. Awesome starter packages for new studios!

An Interesting Alternative

Last month when the Avid “Hear What You’ve Been Missing” tour was in my area, I specifically asked the reps what was to become of Pro Tools M-Powered and the M-Audio line of interfaces as they relate to Pro Tools. I got a vague response at best that seemed to esteem M-Audio and it’s place in the Avid line, without a specific plan for the future. Now we know!

M-Audio brings you an almost identical version of Pro Tools 9, at half the cost or even less if you purchase it with M-Audio hardware. It allows people to get into Pro Tools at Pro Tools LE 8 prices from a while ago, but with more features and hardware options! I think it’s a smart move on Avid’s part and a great option for someone just getting into serious audio production!

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