Silverstein's Producer Reveals Radio Ready Rock Vocal Plugin Chain

2021 Jul 09, 2021

This month at the Recording Revolution, we’ve got producer/mixer Jordan Valeriote from Hardcore Music Studio teaching you how to get better recordings and mixes in your home studio.

He’s worked with bands like Silverstein and Neck Deep, and his work has been released by record labels such as Universal Music, Rise Records, Hopeless Records…

And he’s taught thousands of musicians all over the world how to “go pro” with their music skills, and make a living as producers or engineers.

To kick things off, he’s put together a killer tutorial on how to get a Radio Ready Rock Vocal Sound with just EQ, compression, and a plugin you probably wouldn’t think of using on vocals.

He’ll show you how to mix a male Rock vocal, as well as a female Pop vocal, and these techniques will work in nearly any genre of music you’re making.

Be sure to check out Jordan’s YouTube channel here

And if you want to discover how to become a Full Stack Producer and produce Radio Ready Songs GO HERE!

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