Recording An Album Over The Internet

2010 Jun 30, 2010

On Monday we looked at the band Crossfade whose debut album was recorded in their Atlanta garage before they were ever signed to Columbia. If that gave you some encouragement (and I hope it did) then get ready for today’s post. Below is a video interview of the band Pistol Youth. These guys decided to write and record an album over the internet.


Basically all 4 guys were living in 4 different parts of the world and would record their own instruments using their home studios (basic M-Audio gear) and then send the files over the web to the next guy, so to speak. Some things to learn from this group:

  • The desire to create great music is what helped them succeed. Not gear. Not a fancy studio, and not even being in the same city! If you have no passion for the music, then it’ll be hard to get a great recording.
  • They got fantastic results using prosumer level gear, the stuff you and I are most likely to use in our studios. Again, it’s not about the gear.
  • They all benefited from having recording knowledge. Without an engineer and even relying one guy in the band, these 4 musicians had to use their own knowledge and basic skills to setup and capture a clean and musical performance.

Now check out the interview (you’ll hear their album in the background and throughout) and get pumped!


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